Loc-Kap Universal Safety Cap - 1000pcs



Introductory offer! This is a great new product that we have put on sale to encourage you to give them a go!

A genuinely one size fits all rebar starter cap which also takes a Waratah fence post & cable tie.

Flaps lock onto rebar for the duration of the job. 

Designed and made in NZ.

  • One size fits all. From 5mm up to 43mm.
  • Grips tight and stays put.
  • Long life.
  • Reusable.
  • Stack-able (reduced freight and carbon footprint).
  • High Visibility especially on darker sites.
  • Fits Waratah fence posts with a clear line of sight right through for a cable tie.
  • Push on twist off.

Close the flaps like a box. 1-2-3-Click.

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