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Tile Leveling System - Large Wedge Straps


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This system will aid in laying tiles level and fast. Insert the straps between the tiles as you lay them, then slide the wedge into place through the cutout in the strap to hold the tile surfaces level. Once the adhesive has set and the tiles are firmly in place, the wedges are removed, then the vertical section of the strap is snapped off. The remainder of the strap stays under the tile edge permanently and is hidden by the grout.

These will space the tiles 1, 1.5 or 2 mm by default so no tile crosses are necessary, however can also be used in conjunction with tile crosses if required.

Please note - We sell the wedges and straps separately as the wedges can be reused while the straps cannot. This item is the straps only.

 If this is your first job using this system, you will require equal quantities of both straps and wedges. If you have used this system before and have wedges left over from another job you may not need to purchase as many wedges as straps.

To calculate how many straps you require, we recommend multiplying the total number of tiles by 4. If in doubt, it is recommended to order slightly too many rather than cutting it fine... there's nothing worse than running out mid job!

View the installation instructions here


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