Our new range of R Packers is here!

August 10, 2017

Our new range of R Packers is here!

Our very own range of R packers has arrived! We have listened to our customers complaining about the high cost and low quality of the current H packers in the market, and come up with our own innovative shim that raises the bar to new heights.

Some innovative features:

  • Made from premium grade PP plastic, these shims are ultra strong and will not split or shatter, even when a nail is driven through them.
  • Centre breaking channel so each R packer can be used as two individual horseshoe shaped shims.
  • Counter-bored holes and slots for flush mounting with clout nails, panel pins or screws.
  • One way fingers in the U sections mean the R packers can be easily clipped into place on bolts and nails.
  • Sold in small, useable quantities at a great price so you won't have piles left over after a job.

 Sound interesting? Contact us today for a sample.